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Our Club is a public not-for-profit registered sporting Club owned by a group of outdoor sportsmen that actively participate in shooting sports.  We are structured as a limited company with voting entitlements so that our Club will always be controlled by those active members that have made the largest contribution.

Potential members pay a trial sign-on fee of $150.  Then in June each year, when all memberships fall due, approved participants are invited to join our Club as full voting members.

We want new members that are prepared to shoot regularly with a precision or hunting type rifle on our ranges, with other Club members, practising their shooting skills so that they can ultimately become first rate hunters. Ie Our experience is that many people that claim to be good hunters are poor shots and so they are clearly not a hunter's 'backside'!  We are also looking for new friends that are dedicated to their field sports - like many of us are.

Our Club has two key divisions - The Hunting Division and the Target Shooting Division.  Our Club organises weekly rifle target shooting events at Anzac Range, Malabar. (Drive down the M5).  Further details of the Target Shooting Division (the Alpine Precision Rifle Club) are set out at

Our Captain also organises regular hunting trips for those members and active potential members that are able to demonstrate good firearm safety and ability.  This website details important information applicable to our Club and to members that wish to attend the hunts organised by our Club Captain.

Our Club can offer new shooters detailed advice and training in the use of firearms. Once competency is proven, we can offer active Club participants access to hunting properties and land, camping and shooting with other Club members.

Our Club does not allow members to shoot on its hunting properties by themselves. Our properties are for the benefit of all Club members and they are carefully managed accordingly. Usually, a small campsite fee of $30 per day (private land) or $30 per trip (public land) is required to be donated to the Club. Such fees are used by the Club to provide various hunting and shooting services to members.

Our Club offers hunters a forum to share information with other expert hunters and we enable some of Australia's best hunters to keep their shooting skills at a peak level of performance.

If you are a dedicated hunter and shooter and you want to spend more time with like minded people, then the Alpine is for you.  If you understand the joy of the outdoors and the skills involved in trophy and meat hunting then you will be glad you joined.


Alpine members love their sport. We take our 4WDs into remote places (itself an exciting undertaking). We regularly shoot the finest firearms to exceptional levels of skill and marksmenship ability. We camp in remote and beautiful locations away from the 'Rat Race'. We take, process and eat wild game, free of steroids and other chemicals. We know how to process and cook game meat - we use our sport to feed our families. We are the best hunters, the best shooters and the best fisherman. The best of best enjoy each other's company and understand the dedication we each have to our sport.


The key to being a good hunter is to first become a good shot. Come to our shooting and hunting practice events. Hire our Club rifles if you so wish. Once you can easily hit a dinner plate at 100M standing and you are comfortable using a firearm safely, you are then ready.

We recommend you initially hunt with a top professional. In one short trip you will have gained a decade of experience, plus likely taken a good trophy. You will then know if you really like hunting and you will then be ready for the long journey towards becoming an expert yourself.

Feel free to also come along to Club Hunts, however, understand that it is difficult for beginners to have a lot of success on public land frequented by hunters, some whom illegally use spotlights and vehicles and thus significantly reduce the number of game available. However, understand that like all top athletes you need to practise and stay in good condition, plus getting away is a big part of the fun.

The Alpine caters for all levels of ability and commitment, however, if you want to be a great 'non-cheque book hunter', then we want to help you get there.

If you have any questions (after reading our websites) or you wish to contact one of our professional guides please do not hesitate to email or call.


June 2001 - One Sambar Hind.

Sept 2001 - Nil (1 Sambar Spiker sighted).

November 2001 - Nil (Lost Sambar hind).

April 2002 - One Sambar Hind.

June 2002 - One Sambar Hind.

Sept 2002 - Nil (One Sambar Hind sighted).

Oct 2002 - Nil (A Sambar Stag & Hind sighted).

April 2003 - One Sambar Spiker & two Hinds.

June 2003 - One Sambar Hind.

November 2003 - One Sambar Hind.

April 2004 - One Sambar Hind.

June 2004 - One Sambar Hind.

October 2004 - One Sambar Stag & A Hind.

November 2004 - Nil (Tried new area).

April 2005 - Two Sambar Hinds & Two Bucks, with 2 spikers left.

May 2005 - Nil (Missed two large Sambar Stags).

June 2005 - Two Sambar Stags.

August 2005 - One Sambar Stag.

October 2005 - One Sambar Hind (plus 1 Hind left & 1 missed).

November 2005 - Nil (Sighted a Sambar Hind & Stag).

April 2006 - Two Sambar Stags, 1 Buck, with a Stag & Hind left.

May 2006 - Nil (Missed a Sambar Hind, left a Hind, and sighted 2 Stags and another Hind).

June 2006 - One good Sambar Stag & sighted 2 Hinds.

May 2007 - 1 Red Deer Stag and two Red Deer Hinds.

June 2007 - (Feral horse hunt) 1 Colt, 3 Mares.

July 2007 - One good Sambar Stag and sighted five Hinds.

Nov 2007 - One Sambar Hind, 1 Fox, missed a Stag, sighted 5 other deer.

June 2008 – One good Sambar Stag and sighted another Stag & two Hinds.

May 2009 - 13 Pigs and 12 Goats.

June 2009 - Missed a Sambar Hind and a yearling.  Sighted three other Deer.

November 2009 - Missed a Sambar Stag and a yearling.  Sighted two other Deer.

April 2010 - 19 Goats, 4 Pigs and a Fox.

June 2010 - A yearling Fallow Deer.

July 2010 - A Sambar Stag missed & another sighted.

October 2010 - One good Sambar stage & sighted another three hinds.

November 2010 - Heaps of Rabbits and two Goats.

June 2011 - Sighted a hind.

August 2011 - Six pigs including a huge boar and a number of goats.

October 2011 - Heaps of goats and three foxes.

November 2011 - A good Sambar stag, and a buck.

April 2012 - One Boar.

June 2012 - Sighted two Sambar stags.

See facebook for results after June 2012. 

Interested in rifle, shotgun or pistol shooting? Please email us and find out what our Club has to offer.

Want a soft-copy of the Club's Events Calendar?

Want to hunt on public land or deer on private land in NSW?

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*Want to learn the best hunting techniques?
*Want to learn about hunting gear, equipment and safety?
*Want to meet people with similar interests?
*Want to really enjoy your life?
*Want to get in shape, get fit and live longer?
*Want to eat meat that is not full of steroids and antibotics?


New shooters should download and complete the P650 form on the first page of our website and email us your intention to attend the Range.
When you have decided to get your firearm licence ring NSW Firearms Registry and advise that you wish to apply for a long-arm licence type A & B, categories target shooting and hunting and that you intent to join the Alpine Hunting and Target Shooting Club.
Bring your paperwork and our Club will do everything else, including all testing, training and courses.


Game Management Council Website -


Being a safe and competent shooter is pretty much the most important requirement of a good hunter.  If you are an excellent shot then this will  compensate for a multitude of other hunting weaknesses and poor field conditions.

Over the years we have seen poor shooting skill result in many lost game and much wasted effort.

A hunter has a responsibility to the game that he or she is chasing to humanely finish the task. 

Nothing is more frustrating than to miss an easy shot on a 'once-in-a-life-time' animal.  (When dealing with Sambar deer or dangerious game you may not get a second chance).

We are not saying that great hunters never miss.  We all have and will continued to do so.  But if you are a good field rifle competition shooter then you are most likely to not fail in the field. 

Our experience is that poor shots on the range are even worse under pressure in the bush. 

Our experience is that competive shooting vastly improves hunting and rifle safety performance.



Deer cannot be classified as pests by Rural Lands Protection Boards unless the Game Management Council is consulted.

Hunters have a Government endorsed body that can help promote our Sport and all monies raised should stay with our Sport.

Game conservation projects run by Hunters - sustainable management, controlled open seasons and dollars will guarantee our future.

Without public land to hunt on the Game Management Council will fail. Thus hunters have a committed bunch of quasi public servants and paid shooting representatives attempting to maximise possible public hunting locations.


Another license, another tax, more costs, more rules, more regulations, new fines.


Hunting in NSW National Parks is said by the 'lunatic greens' to be the end of the world. Notwithstanding that National Parks in Victoria have been open to deer hunters for years and with great success, some still want to lock out law abiding hunters and continue to treat them like second class citizens!

The simple fact is that most of our Parks are empty in Winter (when people hunt) and remote hunting presents zero risk to 'arm-chair' greens and even real hikers who generally stick to ridge lines and marked trails anyway. 

Game parks are still banned. Ie It is ok to farm animals and cut their testicles & tails off etc., yet you cannot legally fence and breed wild animals and make an honest living promoting humane hunting.

The Greens, Democrats, Animal Rights and Gun Control are all working together - against us!




Firearms must be pointed in a safe direction at all times, generally skywards, unless on the firing line, where the muzzle should be pointed down range at the butt mound.
On command take your rifle to the firing line with the bolt and magazine removed, and your ammunition in storage. Inspect your barrel to ensure it is clear of obstructions. (ie wasps, mud, projectiles, oil).
At the 'load magazines' command insert the required rounds into your removed magazine.
When the Range Officer gives you the 'load firearm' command insert your rifle bolt (action back) and then insert a full magazine into your rifle. You may then be given a trial target exposure. ie 'watch your front for a trial'.

When the 'safety - shoulder - action' command is given, engage your safety, place your rifle butt in your shoulder and while pointing at the target, close your bolt on a chambered round - at all times keeping your firearm pointed down range and your finger off the trigger. At the 'watch and shoot' command, hold your breath, identify your target, disengage your safety, achieve a clear sight picture both in front and behind the target, place your finger on the trigger, relax to eliminate 'firing flinch', and then discharge your firearm by 'squeezing' the trigger gently.

If you have a misfire keep the rifle pointed at the target, wait 30 seconds, then lift your bolt, raise your hand and under the supervision of the Range Officer eject the misfired cartridge.

During each sequence you will be give a 'stop - actions open' command.  Raise you bolt, eject any catridge and leave your action open (bolt back).

If during a sequence the 'cease fire' command is given, raise your bolt, eject the cartridge, leave the action open (bolt back), and then place your rifle on the ground muzzle pointing down range.

At the end of shooting the 'show clear and unload' command will be given. Remove your bolt or insert an empty camber indicator, remove all ammunition from all magazines and present your firearm and magazines for clearance by the safety officers.


You rarely go shooting, hunting or fishing and think that joining the Alpine will enable you to avoid undertaking your required legislated shoots.

We will not see you on the range at least once every two months. (If members don't use our facilities we will lose them.)

You think that Alpine members owe you something because you join up. (You will get from our Club exactly what you put into our Club.)

You are unable to contribute about $50 a month to your sport to cover fuel, ammunition, range fees etc. (Shooting and hunting are relatively expensive sports.)

You are not interested in range shooting, improving your shooting ability or participating in shooting competitions.

You think that hunting is about killing everything that moves, and putting holes in everything that doesn't. (We rarely undertake any form of culling and we only target shoot at the range.)

You have too many commitments already. (We don't need any more slack members.)

You have no friends or family and or an anger management problem. (If no one else likes you, why would we?)

You have a drinking and or illegal drug problem. (Not a good mix with firearms!)

You are someone that steals, and or is untrustworthy.

You want the Government to disarm everybody, except you.

You have military fantasies.

You are only interested in guided hunting.

You have not read our Hunters Code and or you think that it does not apply to you.

You want to discover our hunting spots so that you can take all your own non Alpine mates back there hunting.

You represent some animal terrorist group that hopes to uncover illegal activity or harm our members. (You will be wasting your time.)